Statik Selektah and Paul Wall Share Video For ‘Are You Willin’

Statik Selektah and Paul Wall Share Video For 'Are You Willin'

Statik Selektah and Paul Wall Share Video For ‘Are You Willin’

Are You Willin’: Statik Selektah and Paul Wall have released the video for their song, ‘Are You Willin’‘. It is one of the tracks from their joint album, Give Thanks, released in November. Also, it contains features from Termanology and Mia Jae.

Watch it below and let us know what you think.

Lyrical Excerpts

[Intro: Paul Wall] Statik Selektah (Are you willin’?)
Money time
Mean it’s time to get that money
But that money don’t fall from the sky though, man, you got to go get it man (Are you willin’?)
You got to set all the bullshit aside that don’t mean shit
You got to flush it out your brain, man, and focus on what’s really important, man
What you got to do, you got to do it (Are you willin’?)

[Verse 1: Paul Wall] That fake shit so thick that you could smell it (Smell it)
But I’m the one that’s fake, let you tell it (Tell it)
Pathological liars like to embellish (‘Bellish)
The game is kinda wily like Marcellus (‘Cellus)
Jealous ones tend to have excuses why they failin’ (Failin’)
But I’ma keep it moving, I ain’t buying what you sellin’ (Sellin’)
People asking questions know too much and now they tellin’ (Tellin’)
But nowadays everybody know about it, spillin’ (Spillin’)
Beat the case, I’m dancin’ in the day time like I’m Ellen (Ellen)
This some top-tier indica right here that we inhalin’ (‘Halin’)
I don’t respond to trollin’ so they mad, now they yellin’
But my mind is preoccupied, the grind is compellin’ (‘Pellin’)
Short attention span, I need to check my cerebellum (‘Bellum)
A long day’s work, top it off by getting melon (Melon)
Keep my pockets swellin’, stackin’ M’s I’m good with spellin’ (Spellin’)


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