Kanye West & Drake End Beef

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Kanye West & Drake End Beef

Kanye West & Drake End Beef

Kanye West & Drake End Beef: Earlier tonight, rumors’ hit the internet that Canadian rapper Drake and American rapper Kanye West had squashed their beef by going to one of Dave Chappelle’s shows together and linking up at Drake’s house afterwards. Though a few trusted people in the industry said so, people have been waiting for confirmation and now it has arrived.

Both Ye and Drizzy have taken to their Instagram to share a picture and a video of them together. The pic on Ye’s IG is a pic of him, Drake and Jas Prince together and Drake posted a clip of Chappelle at his show and a video of him and Kanye together.

This of course comes from Kanye’s recent urges for him and Drake to reconcile so that they can come together to help with getting Larry Hoover out of prison. Larry Hoover Jr. also called for the beef to get squashed, so it’s nice to see it happen.

Check out the Instagram posts below;

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