Drake Admits He’s Been Considering a “Graceful Exit”

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Drake Admits He's Been Considering a "Graceful Exit"

Drake Admits He’s Been Considering a “Graceful Exit”

Drake Admits He’s Been Considering a “Graceful Exit”: Is Drake already considering his future plans for retirement?

The Toronto superstar claims to have been considering a “graceful exit” in a recent talk with his friend Lil Yachty. The complete conversion, which will appear tomorrow to promote Yachty’s Futuremood sunglasses line, should clarify what Drizzy meant exactly. However, our best bet is that he was referring to his musical career.

“Think I’m at a point where I’m kind of introducing the concept in my mind of a graceful exit,” he tells Yachty.

Since Drake has broken so many records in the current era, we can assume that he is content with his professional accomplishments. Will this be the last album? Will he start acting again? Only time will tell.


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