Doja Cat Announces New Album Title

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Doja Cat Announces New Album Title

Doja Cat Announces New Album Title

Doja Cat Announces New Album Title: Doja Cat, an American rapper, singer, and songwriter, sent out some tweets that had her fans confused yesterday.

The artist took to Twitter to say that her sophomore album Hot Pink and her last album Planet Her were just cash grabs.

“planet her and hot pink were cash-grabs and yall fell for it.” she wrote. “now i can go disappear somewhere and touch grass with my loved ones on an island while yall weep for mediocre pop.”

This is of course Doja Cat so she could be trolling. She went on to say that her next album is not called Hellmouth as some had speculated.

“its not called hEllMoUth either its called “First of All” and yes I’m announcing the album title right now.”

Doja has “‘First of All’ and ‘Finally‘” written in her Twitter bio so some have speculated that they could be linked thematically or even a double album.

Check out the pair of tweets below;

On IG Live earlier today, she also previewed some new music, presumable from First Of All. You can hear that below too;

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