The Game’s Features Trey Songz On “Blood Thicker Than Water”

The Game Releases His Final Album, Born 2 Rap

The Game’s Features Trey Songz On “Blood Thicker Than Water”

The Game Blood Thicker Than Water: One of the songs from The Game’s just released ‘Born 2 Rap‘ album that slaps, is Blood Thicker Than Water, featuring Trey Songz.

The Compton rapper released this album on his 40th birthday and told fans on Instagram that it was going to be “Album of The Year.” If you gave the album a listen, you’d see that he may not be lying. The tracklist is stellar with a lineup of superstars on majority of the songs, and The Game shines with his dependable flow throughout the project.

“Blood Thicker Than Water” stands out as having that old school sound we all know and love except in 2019. Bump the track below and feel the vibes.


Lyrical Excerpts

[The Game:] The best rapper alive ain’t up for debate
‘Cause every time you challenge the throne, niggas hate
Just like your neighborhood, niggas smile when they in your face
Conspire behind your back and then show up to your wake
That shit fake, whatever it takes, you gotta defeat those odds
And don’t trust nobody on this Earth except your mama and God

Niggas showin’ they true colors, you don’t even ask why
‘Cause niggas always watch you cook, they want a slice of your pie
Ain’t even surprised, keep your eye on the prize and aim for the sky
You was born by yourself and that’s the way you gon’ die
Get the fuck up off your ass and stop wastin’ your time
Don’t get discouraged by no mountain, that shit easy to climb
You gotta do it at your own pace just like I tell my son

I can’t do this for you, bro, you gotta win your own race
Stop walkin’ around this mansion with the long face
Look at everything your daddy accomplished when on faith
And remember, the real see through the fake
You gotta grind through this shit, you do whatever it takes
You gotta take of who you love, give your mama continuous hugs
Stop havin’ all these expectations from people who ain’t your blood

[Trey Songz:] Yeah
Bloodstains drippin’ from my eyes (My eyes)
Pain got me lookin’ to the sky
Why, oh why?
Oh why, oh, why?
Blood is thicker than water
Spend my whole life tryin’ not to die (My whole life)
Only time that I feel alive
When I look in your eyes

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