Reason Releases The Remix To His Hit ‘Flick It Up’

Reason Releases The Remix To His Hit 'Flick It Up'

Reason Releases The Remix To His Hit ‘Flick It Up’

Reason Flick It Up Remix: Reason released the song flick it up, sometime last year, with AB Soul, which we shared here. He has now started the year 2020, with the remix, on which he features Bas, Junii and Jah The Great.

The Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) rapper, is well known for his singles, ‘The Soul’ and ‘Better Dayz’. He was also featured on the Black Panther soundtrack.

Lyrical Excerpts

[Verse 1: REASON] Uh
Cocaine flow, I [?] no kidding
New diamonds gon’ dance like Diddy
Shit gon’ hang in the club like 50
How you gon’ say REASON got no love?
Brought about thousand out of my city
Brought niggas soul [?] [?] faded off Henny
Million in a month, say less no problem
Money gon’ stack like mileage
New shit slap like violence
Niggas don’t really want smoke
Whole life gon’ change, nigga, price gon’ raise
Nigga roll seven like dice don’t shake
Changed a couple lives on the way nigga

Bas on the way, look
I might-I might take Top Dawg and hold the shit [?] Ho nigga talk slick, don’t mention that
Might hit your ho to get you back
She become my bitch, [?] supposed to rap
Missed a couple steps but ain’t stumbled yet
How a nigga keep focused [?] so intact
I just might slap a couple broads
[?] told you that

I just might shoot my shot at Doja Cat (Yes, yes, sit on my face)
Look eat that shit like leftovers
Her shit poke out like bread soaking
[?] in the game with a [?] focus
My shit gon’ hit like [?] My shit don’t miss, my shit don’t miss
Whole gang on this


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