Quavo Releases ‘Keep My Vibe’ Featuring Offset

Quavo Releases 'Keep My Vibe' Featuring Offset

Quavo Releases ‘Keep My Vibe’ Featuring Offset

Quavo Keep My Vibe Offset: Quavo has released a new single, ‘Keep My Vibe‘ featuring Migos bandmate, ‘Offset‘. The song was originally a demo, titled ‘Alien‘, from one of Kanye West‘s musical ventures that surfaced on the internet last year.

We have shared the song below for your enjoyment:

Lyrical Excerpts

[Chorus: Quavo] I can dance with the devil (Dance)
But I can’t try to be God (No)
Damn, that’s kinda odd (Hard)
Let you try to be better (You)
Put these bitches on a pedestal (Bitch)
I’ma eat ’em like a edible (Eat it up)
They love him, they call him incredible (Incredible)
They say fuck ’em, he fresh out the medical (Medical)

[Post-Chorus: Quavo] Medical (Medical)

[Verse 1: Quavo] She a bad bitch from outta town, she pop like this (Pop it)
Stop running ’round town, say you fuck my bitch (Quit cappin’, stop it)
Then young niggas runnin’ down, we run right in (Runnin’ in, runnin’ in, runnin’ in)
I’m not talking ’bout a man unless it’s Ben (No, Benjamin Franklin, racks)
She wanna go to the sunken’ place, told her to “Giddy up, andale” (Giddy up, sunken place)
Put you in brand new fabrics, let you go drip on the runway (Ooh, drip)
Demons they shake off my back when I walk in a church on a Sunday (Help me God)
Niggas don’t know how to act, so that’s why I bought a new AK
It go “Brrrra” (Brrra)
Chopper bullet gettin’ off (Hey)
Everybody runnin’ off (Go)
Bad bitches love a dog (Bad)
Send ’em back, they tell it all (Send ’em back, brrr, hey)
All it take is one call (One call, brrr)
I’m not takin’ no call



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