Pop Smoke Enlists Nav For ‘Wolves’ Off ‘Meet The Woo 2’

Pop Smoke Enlists Nav For 'Wolves' Off 'Meet The Woo 2'

Pop Smoke Enlists Nav For ‘Wolves’ Off ‘Meet The Woo 2’

Pop Smoke Nav Wolves: Fresh off the Deluxe version of ‘Meet The Woo 2‘ by Pop Smoke, is this song titled ‘Wolves‘. He featured Nav on this number and it’s a perfect meet up between New York and the 6ix.

This marks the first official collaboration between Pop Smoke and Nav. The song had leaked on February 8, before the full version was released alongside the ‘Meet The Woo 2’.

Listen to the song below, while singing along to accompanying lyrics and let us know what you think.

Lyrical Excerpts

[Intro] Traphouse Mob
Pop Smoke, look

[Chorus: NAV] Doin’ shit you can’t believe (Yeah)
Every city that I go to, you know I fuck with the Gz (With the Gz)
NYC, I fuck with the Woos, I fuck with the Sleeze
Said he want smoke, his body drop, it cost two G’s
Me and Pop Smoke, we fuckin’ on bitches overseas (Yeah, yeah)
Took his soul, rest in peace, got his face painted on a tee (Let’s go)
Heard that they dropped the witness, I’m just sippin’ my tea (Hmm)
I ain’t take a patdown, I’m inside the club with my piece (Yeah)
Yeah, I was raised in the jungle, it turned me to a beast

[Verse 1: Pop Smoke] Look, I said I’m really real in real life
Look, I bet I do what I want
I know the owner to the club
That’s why I got in with my pump
I’m really real in real life
I fuck your bitch if I feel like (Woo)
‘Cause we do what we want
How we want, whenever we want
Flex on these niggas, they know I’m the topic
Hundred bands in my pocket
You ain’t a rich nigga, stop it
All this green up on me like a Goblin
If you tellin’, I’m tellin’ ’em to pop it
Call up the Batman, I’m robbin’ (Swish)
Big .38 with a silencer


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