Listen To A J Hus And Ella Mai Collaboration On ‘One And Only’

Listen To A J Hus And Ella Mai Collaboration On 'One And Only'

Listen To A J Hus And Ella Mai Collaboration On ‘One And Only’

J Hus Ella Mai One And Only: J Hus has finally released the much-anticipated collaboration with Ella Mai for ‘One And Only‘. It was a surprise release yesterday night, while we were all bothered about the Superbowl night.  the song is a perfect blend of R&B, hip-hop, and Jazz.

He has also revealed his latest album, titled ‘big conspiracy‘, with little warning and he has hit the top of the UK streaming charts.

Listen to ‘One And Only’ below:

Lyrical Excerpts

[Verse 1: J Hus] I still got my youth but I’m more mature
I bumped into baby by the corner store
It’s mad cah I saw her the night before
I was the only lengman on the dance floor
You don’t know me but I know you for sure
We was best friend another time before
I had a butterfly and put it in your core
I’m lookin’ at your heart, it was in my paw
Right in my hands I show you my plans
How I wanna get rich and feed the poor
Come home, I put my pinger in the drawer
You know you sexy, but I’ll reassure
But she love me more when I’m hardcore
I came with the clique that they can’t war
It’s 3 o’clock, I link you at Half 4
You know this is the shit I go hard for

[Chorus: Ella Mai & J Hus] I can take it all up me
When you in your darkest moments
And I’ll be here until the morning
Can I be the one and only?
Put it on me
And if you can keep it comin’
I promise that I’ll put my all in (Yeah)
Wanna be the one and only

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