Listen To 2 Chainz Go Off With Worl On ‘Brick On My Face’

Listen To 2 Chainz Go Off With Worl On 'Brick On My Face'

Listen To 2 Chainz Go Off With Worl On ‘Brick On My Face’

 2 Chainz Worl Brick On My Face: Just off the released T.R.U Compilation, 2 Chainz has joined forces with Worl and Trooper for ‘Brick On My Face’.

The album from whence the song came from is titled ‘No face no case‘. Chainz has also revealed plans to leave Def Jam after the release of his upcoming album. While speaking with Zane Lowe, he had this to say,

“I’m just coming into another layer – another section in my life – to where it’s just about owning more,” he explained. “And that’s all that it is. And who knows? I might stick around. It just depends on how the negotiations go. But for now, I’m looking forward to possibly being independent by the end of the year and rocking out with my guys.”

Lyrical Excerpts

[Intro: Worl] It’s Worl
My swag got me big lit (Yeah), big Worl, on my big shit (Yeah, 808 Mafia)
I get a brick on my face, I get a brick on my face

[Verse 1: Worl] Come out the gutter, I meant that (I meant that)
Gucci with Louis, I mix-match (Bandana)
Fuck your big homie, he a big rat (He a big rat)
I had to work with no slack (No slack)
Four-five shootin’ like get back (Like get back)
Just pulled up where your bitch at, oh (Skrrt)
Big general, get them bales on the load (Yeah)
Cookin’ up baby, Quality Control (No Cap)
I might just cash out with ‘migos (With ‘migos)
Tell the ese send it pronto (Send it now)
Hit the booth, takeoff like Quavo (like Takeoff)
I’m Offset, my bitch look like J-Lo (Like J-Lo)
He stackin’ that money like Legos (Like Legos)
He might be lookin’ like Play-Doh (Like Play-Doh)
They gun you down if I say so (They do)
My diamonds dancing like Fabo, yeah

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