Jadakiss Releases ‘Kisses To The Sky’ Ahead Of ‘Ignatius’ Album Release

Jadakiss Releases 'Kisses To The Sky' Ahead Of 'Ignatius' Album Release

Jadakiss Releases ‘Kisses To The Sky’ Ahead Of ‘Ignatius’ Album Release

Jadakiss Kisses To The Sky: Jadakiss has released a new song, ‘Kisses To The Sky‘ with Rick Ross and Emanny. This is in anticipation of his ‘Ignatius‘ album which he has revealed will drop February 28.

This is his first album, since the 2015 release of his ‘Top 5 Dead Or Alive‘ and it is dedicated to his brother,  Ignatius ‘Icepick’ Jay Jackson who passed away from cancer in 2017. During his lifetime, he was a Ruff Ryders producer and A&R.

Last year, he released a new single titled, ‘Me‘.


Lyrical Excerpts

[Intro: Emanny & Jadakiss] Ooh-ooh, woo-ooh
Just tryna beat the odds
That all, yeah
I like this (So Rapsy)

[Verse 1: Jadakiss] This is called livin’, don’t ever forget it (Uh-uh)
Sky is just a view, baby it’s never the limit (Never)
You playin’ the game, then you better be winnin’ (Win)
Glasses of wine, cheers to better beginnings (Cheers)
The world don’t stop, you know it keeps spinnin’ (Spinnin’)
This sorta like me (Me), you know I keep spinnin’ (Spinnin’)
I got a good heart let the snakes keep the venom
Come out when you see that big boy with the emblem (Come on)
And I ain’t lookin’ at you, mami, I’m lookin’ through you (Yeah)
I can take you to places you probably only could Google (Oh)
Them bitches in your ears, just jealous, don’t let ’em fool you (Jealous)
They waitin’ on they chance, they wish they could do what you do (Hmm)
No (No), but we ain’t jackin’ ’em, no (Uh-uh)
We on the Benjamin wave and we stackin’ ’em though (Stack)
Put your seat belt on, we in the fast lane (Come on)
And I think I want you to share my last name
Kisses to the sky, what’s up


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