H.E.R Releases New Song, ‘Sometimes’

H.E.R Releases New Song, 'Sometimes'

H.E.R Releases New Song, ‘Sometimes’

H.E.R Sometimes: On Sunday night, H.E.R previewed her latest single, ‘Sometimes‘ on the 62nd annual Grammy awards stage, for the first time. Today, she has now released the full song.

She was nominated in five different categories, three of which belong to the big four: Album of the Year, Song of the Year, and Record of the Year. Even though she didn’t take home any award, she made use of the spotlight to debut her new single.

We have shared the D-Mile produced track, below:

Lyrical Excerpts

Sometimes it don’t go your way, sometimes you gotta
Sometimes it don’t go your way, sometimes, sometimes
You gotta

I had a plan, I had it mapped out
I knew where I was going when I left out
You couldn’t tell me that I wouldn’t be there on time
I had some guarantees, I had a deadline

But now I know things change for better or worse
You could say that I’m the same but
Ain’t just I do all the hurt

So many no’s, so many yes’es
No one to blame, don’t got the answers
I felt the pain, I can attest it
That’s just the game and I respect it, yeah

Cause sometimes shit don’t go your way, sometimes
And sometimes you gon’ have those days, yeah
And sometimes you’ll feel out of place
You can’t promise me it’ll be the same
Cause sometimes change
Sometimes, sometimes change

I had a day, I had a vision
This was the day I was supposed to be living
Instead of worrying ’bout the temporary things
I hate not knowing where it’s gonna take me


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