DREAMVILLE Releases ‘BUSSIT’ & ‘Still Up’ From Upcoming Project

Dreamville Bussit Still Up

DREAMVILLE Releases ‘BUSSIT’ & ‘Still Up’ From Upcoming Project

DREAMVILLE BUSSIT Still Up: Dreamville has released two songs off their promised Deluxe version of the ‘Revenge Of The Dreamers III’ album. The two songs out are Ari Lennox’s ‘BUSSIT’ and EarthGang and Reason’s ‘STILL UP’.

They announced the drop of this album, back in July last year but was delayed and nothing was heard about it until the confirmation in November.

Listen to the songs below:





[Verse 1] Said, “Have off my clothes when you arrive”
You could seduce me with your eyes
Don’t want the smoke, don’t waste my time
I be open for you
Work out my spine, I need you near
You scared of love but fuck your fear
Ain’t no gettin’ away from this if you wanted to
Flowin’, changin’
Take form in this ocean (Yeah, yeah)
Like water (Water)
I run right through ya’





[Verse 1: Johnny Venus] Got a long ass text message, stood the time, yeah, I read it
Sensitivity not my best strength but I get it
Say she love me real special but my heart is real heavy
Try to lighten up the load for the speakers in my Chevy[Chorus: Johnny Venus] Big money, down, still up, yeah
Ten summers, fuck, still up, yeah
Spend it, yeah, still up, yeah
No shit, blaow, still up, yeah

[Pre-Chorus: Johnny Venus] I got bitches on my line, I got a million on hold
And I love ’em all the same, gon’ be the death of me though
I took two more to the brain and never stepped on the floor


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