DreamDoll Enlists G-Eazy For ‘Who You Loving?’

DreamDoll Enlists G-Eazy For 'Who You Loving?'

DreamDoll Enlists G-Eazy For ‘Who You Loving?’

DreamDoll G-Eazy Who You Loving: DreamDoll has released a new single, ‘Who You Loving?‘ featuring G-Eazy and Rahky, an upcoming artist.

Production was done jointly by Hitmaka,  BoogDaBeast, Paul Cabbin and Tariq Beats.

Bernard Wright’s classic ‘Who Do You Love’ was sampled for the instrumental.

We have provided the song and video below, with accompanying lyrics to go. Feel free to share.

Lyrical Excerpts

[Verse 1: DreamDoll] Uh, yeah, who you loving, who you wanna be?
I’m the girl of your dreams, ain’t know what that mean? (Dreams)
Busting out your grey sweats because of me (Of me)
“Original DreamDoll she a wanna be”
I can tell you had enough of her shit
She don’t choke, she ain’t choking when she sucking the dick
She [?] right on the tip
You all talk, see it right on your lips, thats what you get
When I ride it, ride it, and my ass so thick, how am I gonna hide it? (Damn)
He my baby, he wanna leave her son inside it
I ain’t worried about who do you love, this a dub, if you undecided

[Verse 2: G-Eazy] When I fly across seas, I’m visiting her
A hundred white roses from Venus to [?] Time flies when I see her, this weeks gonna blur
And I ain’t fucking no one else, I’m keeping it pure
I’m swimming in your love, I’m deep in it now
Valentino and Chanel, I’m peeping your style

I’m chasing your heart, and I’m keeping it now
At first I ain’t know how to love, but your teaching me how
You want attention, I don’t like it when you act out
Facetime while I’m holding my phone, until I pass out
Soon as tours done, I swear I’m flying back out
Spending nights inside with you, I blow your back out, yeah
You’re something I can’t go without
I quit partying so much and stopped going out
You stopped thirst trapping on the gram and showing out
So where we go from here? Lets fill it out


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