Cam’ron Features Wale On ‘I Don’t Know’

Cam'ron Features Wale On 'I Don't Know'

Cam’ron Features Wale On ‘I Don’t Know’

Cam’ron ‘I Don’t Know: Cam’ron has released a new song titled ‘I Don’t Know‘, featuring Wale, in anticipation of his Purple Haze 2′ album. It is a love song, so it’s not surprising he chose wale for this collaboration.

We’ve been talking about the release of the Purple Haze 2 album, which you can read here and here. Also, we may remind you that this project is a follow up to the initial Purple Haze album released fifteen years ago.

This follow up has been a long time coming, as fans have been waiting for it for about five years. It is expected to drop on streaming services later today.

Purple Haze 2 will include features from Max B, Jim Jones, Shooter, Mimi, and Disco Black.

Lyrical Excerpts

[Verse 1: Cam’ron] She said, “Killa let me fuck with you, what’s up with you?
Gimme ya number, I’ll stay in touch with you
Maybe we’ll smoke a dutch or two
I’d rather be touchin’ you, I’m vulgar though, suckin’ you
Like my purse I’ll be clutchin’ you”
Listen baby, that’s nuttin’ new
Save you the trouble boo, look, I’m trouble boo

Been to every telly, look went to Trump, W
Flirted with ya mother too, you think because you twenty two
And hate her, fuckin’ me gon’ get her mad, get another dude
She said, “You some other dude, I love you, you so fuckin’ rude”
All the shots I fired, it seem like she was duckin’, dude
Wanna be down with me? (Down with me)
Go to Cali, get this hunnid pounds for me, she said…


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